Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hope Springs Eternal 2008

I have to admit it's a pretty good time to be a Boston sports fan. The continued success of the Patriots (we will NOT mention the event known as "that which shall not be named"), the Celtics are once again one of the elite in the NBA and the toast of the town, and the Bruins...well the Bruins are playing hockey, good hockey even. But April means one thing and one thing only. Baseball! More specifically, Red Sox Baseball!! This is the start of that blissful time of the year that Sox fans dream about the day the previous season ends. Of course anytime the season ends in October with a world series we anticipate the start even more. Now, honestly, so far this season hasn't settled in with me yet. The whole Japan, then exhibition, then 10:00 pm start, then 3:00 pm start...I just haven't got the fever yet. But, come the home opener Tuesday, the ring ceremony, the pageantry, the emotion...anyone who tells me they don't "get" baseball I challenge you to watch Tuesday's game from start to finish and tell me the same thing