Saturday, June 06, 2009

Power Outage

Could that bastion of truth and integrity Jose Canseco been on the money when he claimed that a huge percentage of MLB players were taking performance enhancing drugs? The recent power outages of some of baseball's better known players in their 30's makes me wonder. This was probably best spotlighted in the recent Boston/Detroit series where fearsome home run hitters David Ortiz and Magglio Ordonez looked like shells of the players they were just 2 years ago. Maybe it's not roids but age as some athletes just plain lose it at a certain age. given the allegations of age doctoring for foreign born players, maybe we're dealing with players much closer to 40 then 30 then their birth certificate would indicate. No matter the reason, it is kind of disturbing that we are now to the point that whenever someones power numbers drop the first word we think of is steroids.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hope Springs Eternal 2008

I have to admit it's a pretty good time to be a Boston sports fan. The continued success of the Patriots (we will NOT mention the event known as "that which shall not be named"), the Celtics are once again one of the elite in the NBA and the toast of the town, and the Bruins...well the Bruins are playing hockey, good hockey even. But April means one thing and one thing only. Baseball! More specifically, Red Sox Baseball!! This is the start of that blissful time of the year that Sox fans dream about the day the previous season ends. Of course anytime the season ends in October with a world series we anticipate the start even more. Now, honestly, so far this season hasn't settled in with me yet. The whole Japan, then exhibition, then 10:00 pm start, then 3:00 pm start...I just haven't got the fever yet. But, come the home opener Tuesday, the ring ceremony, the pageantry, the emotion...anyone who tells me they don't "get" baseball I challenge you to watch Tuesday's game from start to finish and tell me the same thing


Thursday, August 10, 2006

That Sinking Feeling

Man, the last 10 days have been rough on Red Sox Nation. Losing 2 to Tampa and 2 (so far) to KC? I'm not liking it. Now, I'm not one of these bandwagon Sox fans. I'm a Sox fan who is also a baseball fan so I look at the big picture and the picture I'm getting isn't pretty. Let's face it, even fully healthy (Wells, Wake, Clement) our starting rotation is shaky. Middle and short relief has become inconsistent at best (or maybe consistent...Consistently bad). Even the once invincible Jon (I refuse to call him Jonathan) Papelbon has looked all to human lately. Don't even get me started on the bats. Other then Manny and Ortiz, it seems everyone went quiet at once. I'm an optimist, but it's getting harder and harder to believe the playoffs are within reach.

What makes this all worse is the Yankee's survived (so far) their rash of injuries to take a 3 game lead in the East. While it's possible to take the Wildcard, I honestly think the key to the Playoffs is the American League East. So, what do we do to make this happen? I have a short list:

  1. Get healthy. I know there is no control over this, but it is essential. A healthy Wells and Wake is key
  2. Get a bat somewhere. They need to take advantage of being behind the Yankees now and pluck up that key waiver wire acquisition to add pop to the lineup. They are looking foolish right now letting the Yanks get Abreau and Lidle for 4 jabronis...And a massive salary.
  3. Win tonight, sweep through the Birds, take 2 out of 3 against Detroit (no easy task) and do as much damage head to head in 5 against the Yanks. After next week, it's a tough West Coast swing, so they really have to make hay while the sun shines.

All things are possible in Red Sox nation but I simply don't feel it right now

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Shea it ain't so...

I heard on WEEI this morning a report about Shea Hillenbrand being designated for assignment by the Blue Jays last night. I checked the web and saw it to be true This was interesting in that he didn't sit in the dugout after being reamed out in front of the team and because no one from the organization congratulated him on adopting a baby. I'm sure there is a LOT more to this story but I have a hard time feeling bad for someone who shot his way out of Boston upon being traded. It's been a while now, so I'm paraphrasing but I believe he went on Opie and Anthony when they were a local show and said to General Manager Theo Epstein something to the effect of "how you like me now faggot". I think Mr. Hillenbrand still has some serious growing up to do and makes me wonder, other then having the means, how ready he truly is to be a father

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Brett Myers WTF??

What were the Phillies thinking? While I believe that you are innocent until proven guilty in this country, such an egregious offense as spousal abuse simply can not be swept under the rug. It was not hearsay or he said/she said, there were at least 3 witnesses and at least 2 separate 911 calls! I mean, reports of this 6'4", 240 lb man not only striking his wife but draggin here off by her hair! The Phillies take was it was a "personal" not baseball issue. I'm sorry, but I find it hard to believe that if it was any of the Boston sports teams that he'd be participating until more facts were know...If not suspended indefinitely.

I have a problem with MLB in general as well on this issue. Bud rains down hell on the Chicago White Sox for Ozzie Guillen's insensitive comments towards Jay Marriotti and takes quick, decisive action against Jason Grimsley for admitted HGH use, yet sat with his thumb up his ass while Myers preceded to pitch as scheduled on Fenway Saturday slightly more then 24 hours after HIS WIFE bailed him out of jail!!

This story is far from over. The Phillies are getting killed by not only the Boston media but also the Philadelphia media. Wait until the women's' groups and the anti-abuse groups get involved. The Phillies are better off hanging him out to dry and sacrificing a season that's basically already over then face the onslaught that's coming!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Interleague play

OK, I admit it, I dig interleague play. I like seeing teams I usually don't see come play at Fenway and more importantly, get to see the Sox play in new parks. It's a great excuse for a road trip. However this year I've realized the gap between the American and National Leagues is growing ever wider. I look forward to seeing if the Met's fare any better, but based on the teams we've played so far, I'm totally not impressed

Friday, June 23, 2006

Brett Myers

I won't comment too much until more details come out, but I have NO tolerance for spousal abuse or really, abuse in general. If it turns out he's guilty, I hope they lock the big stiff up!!!